Best Ways To Use Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV), particularly metallic HTV, is thinner and softer than other types of vinyl. It has a certain glimmer and sheen to it that it gives to any unique creation. Metallic heat transfer vinyl is used to create graphics that dazzle and reflect. Some are designed to be simple to weed and apply in a matter of seconds to a variety of textiles. 

You can select from a huge range of StarCraft soft flex HTV, and remember, don't get afraid to experiment with them. Here are some creative ideas to incorporate metallic heat transfer vinyl into your next project.



  1. Old T-Shirts

Perhaps you have a stack of old T-shirts that you've worn so many times that you're sick of looking at them. There are many ways to spruce up vintage clothing, including adding some gleam! Make a galaxy out of an old black shirt by adding metallic accents to text and graphics or cutting out tiny star shapes. The options are nearly limitless.

  1. Include a Shiny Accent

Are you putting together a complicated design for a T-shirt or tote bag? Accent the image with metallic HTV to captivate the eye. When the tiara or magic wand has some sparkle to it, a fairy or princess-inspired design pops! Just be careful when combining matte and metallic finishes, and avoid overlapping them.

  1. Enhance the luster of silk

It may appear difficult, but you can apply heat transfer vinyl to silk cloth. You just need to be careful with your heat settings. With silvery metallic elements, a basic silk scarf can be transformed into an eye-catching accessory. If you're designing someone's party dress, get the silk robe, make the dress for your client, and write his /her name on end in her preferred color with sparkly HTV. 

  1. Create Unique Group Tees

Why not create a unique T-shirt when you and a large group of friends go on vacation or to an event? If you become separated while sightseeing, a bright T-shirt with a shiny metallic design will help you find each other. If you want to make such designed T-shirts, consider buying heat transfer vinyl roll bundles at affordable rates.

  1. Jazz Up Your Spandex

Add a metallic design down the sides of any spandex bodysuits or leggings that have become dull to you. Swirls and scales in aquamarine give off a mermaid vibe, while a handful of dramatic straight lines in silver or gold create the illusion of more length. Metallic heat transfer vinyl sticks to Lycra and spandex but not nylon. Check the labels on your high-movement clothing.